“ItoP”Driving Test Report

Dec. 27, 2018

After the press release of “ItoP” at the end of September, it has been exhibited all over Japan. During the exhibition, driving tests of “ItoP” are performed several times. The outlines of the driving tests will be reported with moving images.
On October 29th, the driving test was performed at the Japan Cycle Sports Center in Shuzenji, Izu City. Our staff involved in the development rode the car and evaluated its power performance and braking performance on uphill and downhill roads and maneuverability on winding roads. We confirmed that the performance exceeded our expectations. Please see the moving images of ItoP driving on the hilly course in a beautiful landscape.
On November 1st, we performed the second driving test at the Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI) in Ibaraki Prefecture. On the high-speed circuit track (5.5 km in circumference), we confirmed the excellent controllability, evaluated the acceleration performance, and measured the top speed. The car set a record of 141 km/h. Moving images of the car driving at a bank angle of 45°are worth seeing.