Toray solutions span four essential areas of vehicle design and performance: weight reduction, powertrains, safety, and comfort.
With products ranging from synthetic fibers and carbon fibers to resins, films, electronics, and materials for information processing devices,
we're working closely with manufacturers to create next-generation automobiles for the world of tomorrow.

Weight Reduction

Toray is helping automobile manufacturers achieve significant reductions in vehicle weight by replacing metal with light, strong, carbon fiber composites and flexible, moldable, engineering plastics. With decades of experience in the field, Toray solutions are helping the industry reduce CO2 emissions and develop next-generation electric and fuel cell vehicles for a sustainable, low-carbon future.


Toray has decades of experience in developing materials and components for automobile powertrain systems. With products ranging from lightweight, heat-resistant engineering plastics for internal combustion engine parts, to electronic devices for controlling electric vehicle motors, and PPS polymers and films for batteries and digital information processing systems, Toray is driving the future of the automobile industry.


Toray also manufactures materials for active and passive safety systems that help protect drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. From sensor materials and radar-permeable films for millimeter-wave radar systems that help prevent accidents, to airbag fabrics, seatbelts, and impact-absorbing nanoalloy crash pads that help reduce injuries, Toray works with manufacturers worldwide to make driving safer.


Driver and passenger comfort is another area in which Toray helps manufacturers meet rapidly diversifying customer demands. With fabrics and materials for seat upholstery, door panels, headliners, floor mats, and kick panels, and a wide range of films and materials for interior accents, cabin lighting, audio systems, and sound absorption, Toray makes vehicles quieter, more attractive, and pleasant to ride in.