Driver and passenger comfort is another area in which Toray helps
manufacturers meet rapidly diversifying customer demands.
With fabrics and materials for seat upholstery, door panels, headliners, floor mats, and kick panels,
and a wide range of films and materials for interior accents, cabin lighting, audio systems, and sound absorption,
Toray makes vehicles quieter, more attractive, and pleasant to ride in.

With upholstery fabrics made from luxurious ULTRASUEDE® or partially plant-derived ECODEAR® polyester, Toray is helping manufacturers create more comfortable and environmentally friendly seats. In addition, it also offers TORAYCA® carbon fiber composites for lightweight seat components that help reduce vehicle weight.


Toray's flexible carbon nanotube films and PICASUS® metallic-finish films are used to add luxurious cabin accents without the weight or environmental impact of metal.
Cabin environments are also enhanced by the use of TORAYPEF™, a lightweight, moldable, insulating and shock-absorbing closed-cell foam that does not absorb moisture.


RAYBRID™ functional photosensitive material for touch panels improves the operability and visibility of in-vehicle display screens.


Toray RAYTELA™ plastic optical fibers give car manufacturers a stylish new way to illuminate vehicle interiors.


For audio system speaker grilles, Toray offers carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics that help improve sound quality by suppressing unwanted vibration. And to help improve the acoustic environment of the cabin, it offers sound-absorbing, non-woven, nanofiber cloth.