TOM Forming Machine


Maker Fu-se Vacuum Forming Ltd.
Model NGF-0406-T
Specification Forming type:Vacuum & Pressure (Mold-less)
Maximum forming area:450×650 mm
Maximum forming depth:95 mm
Maximum air pressure:300kPa
Heater:near-infrared(0.3 kW×27)
Total electrical energy:18.8 kW
Function Film and sheet decoration on to molded objects
Size W1604 × L2705 × H2385mm


  • A4 size sheet is applicable, and sufficient for formulation screening.
  • Easy to set molded objects and film safely using lifter.


Forming Method
  • Decoration film coated with adhesion layer is stuck on molded objects in atmospheric pressure or under increased pressure using NGF forming machine, which is vacuum forming machine without vacuum holes.
Product shape and the specification of decoration
  • Can be applied to large scale parts or multiple small parts
  • Can be applied to inverse tapered shape
  • Trimming–less process
  • Mold-less process