Item J1000ELⅢ-3900H
Injection Unit
Screw barrel type K
Screw diameter mm 92
Screw stroke mm 500
Injection capacity cm3 3324
Injection pressure Mpa 200
Injection speed mm/s 160
Injection rate cm3/s 1064
Plasticizing rate kg/h 405
Screw speed min-1 140
Heater power kW 47
Mold Clamping Device
Mechanism   Double toggle
Clamping force kN 9810
Daylight opening mm 2500
Stroke width opening mm 1300
Mold height mm 500~1200
Distance between tie bars mm 1320×1320
Ejector force kN 230
Ejector stroke mm 200
Machine weight t 71
Dimensions[L×W×V] m 12.20×2.97×2.92

JSW 株式会社日本製鋼所


Comparison with others

Strong points of JSW Injection machine
  • Fastest molding performance
    High-cycle and high productivity
  • Lowest power consumption machine
  • Highest machine stiffness
    High quality molding, Long life, and Easy maintenance