Drop Weight Impact Tester


Maker Imatek Ltd
Machine Drop Weight Impact Tester
Model IM1000-40SP
Specification Max Striking Energy : 10000J
Max Striking Speed : 8m/s
Max Drop Height : 4m
Double Hammering Prevention Method
Energy Range ~ 10000J
Evaluation Item F(load) - t(time)・s(displacement) measurement
Size W1400 × L1000 × H650mm

Machine Ability

  • Impact Speed
  • Energy in the peek load
  • Amount of deformation
  • Load at break down
  • Time to break down



  • You can examine car parts, for example bumper and door panel, made of various materials.
  • You can analyze characteristics of impact force with time in detail to record all event which is occurred by impact.
  • You can visually confirm impact behavior by using high speed camera.