Robot Painting System


Maker Trinity Industrial Corporation
Machine Robot Painting System Original
Specification 2 automatic robots with bell
Painting device :
  1. (1)Cartridge bell (ABB)
    Primer and color coating
  2. (2)TCL bell (Trinity Industrial Corp.)
    Top clear coating
Max robot painting area:1700 × 1700 mm
Painting Item Large scale painted automotive parts
Size W15000 × L24000 × H7000 mm


  • Automatic Robot Painting (1700 ×1700 mm)

Cartridge Bell(Primer and Color coating)
Waterborne based coating
Solvent based coating without hardener

Paint speed:600-900 mm/s
Paint feed pitch:65 mm

TCL Bell(Top clear coating)
Solvent based coating with/without hardener

Paint speed:360-500 mm/s
Paint feed pitch:110 mm
  • Hand Spray Painting(1500 × 1500mm)

Waterborne based coating
Solvent based coating

Air spray 5 guns


  • 3 coat painting (Primer, color and Top clear) for automotive plastic and metal parts is possible with the same specification as that of car manufacturer.
  • Changeable cartridge bell may have applicability to both large and small parts.
  • 2 shaping air systems may have applicability to various painting patterns.
  • Superior efficient painting is feasible through electrostatic painting.