Pedestrian Protection Test


  1. Pedestrian impact test of actual automotive parts
  2. Pedestrian impact analysis and evaluation using CAE technology

(Applied to the development of hood for LEXUS LFA)

Pedestrian impact properties of CFRP (Flat panels)

HIC value Max acceleration(G) Max displacement (mm) Weight (kg)
STEEL 1.5 mm thick 426 161.5 68.4 4.0
AL 2.0 mm thick 158 108.1 79.3 2.2
CFRP 2.5 mm thick 162 83.1 72.0 1.3

HIC: Head Injury Criteria

Pedestrian Protection Test Acceleration-Time (G-t) Curve

Pedestrian protection ability of CFRP
  1. Low intensity of 1st. acceleration peak → Low HIC value
  2. High intensity of 2nd. acceleration peak → Low max. displacement
  3. Other feature: CFRP:Elastic deformation vs. Metal: Plastic deformation
    Weight reduction of CFRP: 40% vs. Aluminum, 65% vs. Steel