Press Molding Machine


Pressing force 300 to 3000 kN
Pressing surface 1000×1000 mm
Day light 1500 mm
Piston stroke 1000 mm
Closing speed 250 m/s
Pressing speed 0.5 to 10 mm/s
Opening force 700 kN
Opening speed 150 mm/s
Tool temperature 20 to 250℃
Parallelism control 0.04 mm/m at Pressing speed=0.5 mm/s
0.05 mm/m at Pressing speed=2 mm/s


High level parallelism with active plan parallelism control system

  • Hydraulic cylinders for each corner with fast responding hydraulic valves.
  • Path stroke measurement systems, placed at each corner of the press.
  • Mathematical co-processor to manage active plan parallelism control.
  • Maximum deviation at the 4 corners better than 0,05 mm/m.

Distance rod for mold height adjustment

Fast responding hydraulic valve near the actor

Molding example

Warpage of a plate

Conventional CF-SMC

Toray new CF-SMC

Flexuarl property

Flexural Strength

Flexural Modulus