Injection Molding Machine


Injection unit

Item ENGEL Victory 330/90
Screw diameter 35mm
Screw stroke 160mm
Max injection Capacity 154 cm3
Max injection pressure 2180 bar
Injection speed 137mm/sec
Injection rate 151cm3/sec
Screw speed 400 min-1
Heating wattage 9.2kW

Clamping unit

Item ENGEL Victory 330/90
Clamping force 900 kN
Max opening stroke 500 mm
Max daylight 800 mm
Mold fixing platen 740×680 mm
Max mold weight 800 kg



The ENGEL tie-bar-less technology improves efficiency and economy in injection molding production.

Precision (iQ weight control)

ENGEL has developed iQ weight control software to detect such variations and to compensate for them automatically within the same shot.

Test result example

Flexural strength23degC, dry

Flexural modulus23degC, dry