Material Testing Machine Z250 SH


Item Zwick AllroundLine Z250 SH
Max load capacity 250kN
Test speed 0.00005 to 600 mm/min
Item Temperature chamber
Testing temperature -80 to 250 °C
Outer dimension(W x H x D) 600 x 1040 x 1231 mm
Inner dimension(W x H x D) 460 x 900 x 655 mm

Test item

Item Temperature chamber Fmax Temperature range
Tensile test ISO527-1,2, ASTM D638 150kN -80 to 250 °C
(Interlaminar shear test)
ASTM D2344M, EN2377, EN2563,
ISO 14130
20kN -80 to 250 °C
3-Point, 4-Point flexure test ISO 14125, EN2562,
ASTM D7264,ASTM D790
10kN -80 to 250 °C
End loading test EN2850 typeB, ISO14126 method2,AITM1-0048 50kN -80 to 250 °C
Compression test ASTM D695, Boeing BBS7260, SACMA SRM1R-94, DIN6537 50kN -80 to 250 °C
HCCF test (Hydraulic composite compression fixture) ISO14126, prEN2850, DIN65380, QVA Z10-46-38 250kN -60 to 150 °C
Shear test ASTM D5379 9kN -70 to 250 °C