Fatigue Testing Machine


Max load capacity Dynamic 10kN Static 12kN
Max actuator stroke 士25mm
Machine dimension(W×L×H) 800 x 600 x 1780 mm
Max chuck distance 138 to 835mm
Pole brace distance 460mm
Crosshead drive mechanism Hydraulic drive
Machine Stiffness 0.0033 mm/kN
Test temperature -40 to 180°C

Test capability

  • Compact and high performance due to hydraulic drive
  • Quick and stepless force and speed adjustment due to high performance servo
  • Large sample can be tested due to upper actuator


  • High accuracy and high speed response due to two-degree-of-freedom PIO PID control
  • Auto tuning and real time gain adjustment
  • High resolution sampling data (20bit×8CH)
  • Self adjustment sensor
  • Micro-level displacement measurement caused by gram-level loads.