Rapid Rate Temperature / Humidity Cycle Tester


Item Espec ARS-0680-05
Temperature range -70 to 180℃
Temp rate of change 6K/min
Temperature achievement time Heat up time +20 to +180℃ 40min.
Pull down time +20 to -70℃ 40min.
Temp & Humid. range +10 to +95℃ / 10 to 98%rh
Capacity 680L (W850 × H1000 × D800)

Test Standard Conformance

・IEC 60068-2-1: Cold
・IEC 60068-2-2: Dry heat
・IEC 60068-2-14Nb(LV124 L-03): Change of temperature with specified rate of change
・IEC 60068-2-30(LV124 K-08): Damp heat, cyclic
・IEC 60068-2-38(LV124 K-09): Composite temperature/humidity cyclic test
・IEC 60068-2-78(LV124 K-14): Damp heat, steady state
・ISO 16750-4(5.3): Road vehicles (Temperature cycling)
・LV124 K-15a: Condensation test with assemblies

Test Standard Conformance

LV124 K-15a Test condition